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HTML5 is making huge strides toward the semantic web — and the semantic standards defined by the Google/Bing/Yahoo-backed schema.org are probably prudent standards to follow.

But if we’re talking prudence, practicality, and semantics, then we’re probably talking CMS too — not that coding isn’t unremitting joy, of course, but there isn’t really much point to coding semantics when you’re using a CMS to manage content anyway.

Drupal 7 already supports schema.org microdata, and I Lin Clark’s excellent guide to managing microdata in Drupal.

Which is great, unless you don’t use Drupal — and in fact there’s a good chance you don’t use Drupal, since WordPress, not Drupal, is the most popular CMS on the web. (Though not necessarily among developers, I’m guessing.)

So for easy schema.org microdata management in WordPress, check out this new (free) plugin by Optimum7:

The interface is really simple: pick an item, fill in the properties. Done.

Currently the only item types supported are:

  • Event
  • Person
  • Organization
  • Review
  • Place
  • Product

which is a lot less than the full set listed on schema.org. In the future you’ll be able to add more..but those six are some of the biggest anyway.

Read the full plugin announcement here, or download the zip file if you already know you want it.

Microdata (HTML) WordPress

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