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It’s pretty clear: IoT is the future. If you’re working in IoT or plan to be soon, it sounds like you won’t have any trouble finding a job – and getting paid, for that matter – but what does this future of employment look like for everybody else? 

That’s the question Elena Kvochko at World Economic Forum addresses in this recent article: how will IoT affect our jobs? She covers a few areas that will be impacted:

  • Traditional jobs in hybrid verticals
  • New jobs in hybrid verticals
  • Traditional jobs in traditional verticals
  • New jobs in traditional verticals

As well as jobs that likely won’t be affected.

Many of the developments Kvochko points to make a lot of sense. For example, she suggests that IoT devices and connected systems may augment existing jobs – even fairly mundane jobs – to help make things more effective and efficient. On a similar note, she suggests that IoT may also have a major impact on dangerous jobs:

The IoT and automation can also allow for monotonous and unsafe jobs to be replaced by technology and robots, resulting in safer work environments. For example, Rio Tinto, a British-Australian mining company, is planning to automate mining processes and direct robotic machines, and not people, into their mines.

However, some of her predictions are potentially a bit optimistic. For example, she sees nothing but happy futures for the workers who have their positions enhanced by IoT, as if it’s a given that a streamlined workday is a benefit that will be passed directly to the worker:

It is likely that the typical employee will see their roles augmented by new technologies, and become better skilled and better paid as a result. The blue collar worker of the past could move up to be a white collar worker.

But hey, maybe IoT will eliminate class distinctions altogether. After all, everybody’s going to be rich, right?

Head over to World Economic Forum for all the details on Kvochko’s IoT predictions.

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