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Typesafe ran a survey of Java developers in February, along with a follow-up in September – you might have seen that one on MaximusDevs – and together they present an interesting look at the uptake of Java 8 and other industry trends.

The first part of the survey focused on Java 8, looking at plans to upgrade and thoughts on major additions, such as a lambdas, while the second part explored developers’ opinions on Java and industry trends in general. The survey results provided some interesting insights. For example:

  • In the original survey, about half of developers surveyed planned to upgrade within two years, but by the time the follow-up came around (six months later), 27% had already upgraded, and an additional 36% planned to upgrade within a year.
  • 45% of surveyed developers are already using Java 8’s Lambdas¬†
  • Among surveyed developers who are not using Java 8, 69% are using Java 7 in production, while 26% are using Java 6.

Other results explore questions such as the impact of Java 8’s Lambdas on Scala adoption, the obstacles that prevent developers/organizations from upgrading, interest and hopes for Java 9, the most popular technologies in the Java developer’s “stack,” Big Data and IoT interest and adoption, and more.¬†

One particularly interesting question maps out the technologies developers use in their production infrastructure, covering everything from Hadoop and Spark to Docker and OpenStack РAmazon EC2 leads this list by a wide margin. 

Check out the full results from Typesafe for all the details. It’s a pretty complete industry breakdown if you’re wondering what other Java developers think and, more importantly, what technologies they’re working with.

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