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 Apple is expected to make a big announcement today, holding a special press event that has generated a lot of buzz in the past few weeks.

Rumors abound about what Apple will announce, with popular speculation that two new iPhones will be revealed — the iPhone 5S, the successor to the current-gen iPhone, and the cheaper iPhone 5C, an economical version of the iPhone meant to compete with Samsung in emerging markets.

The event is being kept top-secret, with no word on whether Apple will make any announcements regarding its iPod, iPad, or Mac products. We will be tuned in to the event at 10 a.m. Pacific time today, and will be live-updating this article with news and announcements. Stay tuned! 

(All times are EDT.)

Update 1:01 PM: Tim Cook takes the stage.

Update 1:03 PM: Cook starts by talking about the iTunes festival.

Update 1:10 PM: Cook announces that Apple will be “expanding its footprint,” perhaps foreshadowing the 5C. 

Update 1:13 PM: Apple working to finish iOS 7. Will have a new control center, pull-down search bar, better multitasking capabilities, and Siri updated with the ability to ask her what people are tweeting and read the tweet back to you.

Update 1:17 PM: More iOS 7 updates. Improvement to Camera app, which seems to draw inspiration from existing third-party apps. AirDrop will allow you to share photos with anyone on the same Wi-Fi connection as you. iTunes Radio, kind of like Pandora or Spotify. iOS 7 launches September 18th. 

Update 1:20 PM: Cook talks about iWork. 

Update 1:22 PM: Apple replacing iPhone 5 with two new designs. 

Update 1:25 PM: Phil Schiller takes the stage. iPhone 5C is official. 5C will have a backplate with volume and switches made from a single part, and will come in a variety of colors: (green, white, blue, red, yellow).

Update 1:28 PM: Good news, developers! 5C will have Retina display and A6 chip. 5C will start at $99 for 16GB, twice that for 32GB.

Update 1:35 PM: iPhone 5S official. 

Update 1:38 PM: 5S will come in three colors, black, silver and gold. More importantly, it will have a 64-bit A7 SoC. (The first 64-bit smartphone.) Time to gear up for 64-bit apps, developers!

Update 1:40 PM: A7 will have twice as many transistors as A6. Graphics performance 56 times as fast as original iPhone. 5S will be a good platform to develop mobile games for, like Infinity Blade. Demo from Epic Games. 

Update 1:45 PM: Epic Games shows off Infinity Blade 3. Apple perhaps wants 5S to have a focus on mobile gaming. 5S will have OpenGL ES 3.0 support. 

Update 1:48 PM: 5S has a new processor called an M7, which is a co-processor for motion. Expect to be slinging your phone around like a Wiimote — it’s a very advanced pedometer, basically. Developers: Start thinking about apps that could take advantage of the M7.

Update 1:52 PM: 5S will have a bigger, better camera lens, with autofocus supposedly comparable to a DSLR. Camera flash will be dual-LED, one cool and white, and another warm and amber. Apps involving the camera will be able to take advantage of this feature.

Update 1:59 PM: 5S camera will have a 120 fps slow-motion feature, will incorporate a fingerprint-reading feature called TouchID. TouchID will read your fingerprint in very high detail and is built into the home button.

Update 2:04 PM: Fingerprint info is encrypted and stored in A7 chip. It isn’t uploaded to Apple’s servers, or stored on iCloud, so you don’t have to worry about the NSA having your fingerprints (at least from your phone). No word on if individual apps can have access to fingerprints.

Update 2:17 PM: The show ended with a surprise guest appearance by Elvis Costello. That’s all, folks!

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